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We help you keep winning and growing by developing and implementing effective communications and fundraising strategies. 

Why is communication important? As a non-profit organization, CSO or CBO, you are required to communicate to various stakeholders including donors and partners. This can be done through stories, through images, videos and through words. It is through these stories that you ensure that you advance the organization mission and vision, build your visibility and attract more funds to advance your work .

So how do you tell your story? You can tell your story through circulating press releases, securing TV, print and radio interviews, presenting during conferences, sending emails, developing brochures, case studies, human interest stories, creating and sharing content through social media and supporting fundraising and community events.

The communications and fundraising e-book outlines the effective marketing and communications approaches to implement to tell your story, promote your work, attract more funds and widen your impact.

We hope that the E-Book will be a useful resource and that you can adopt the knowledge within your organization and also reach out to us in case your require support. 

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A communications strategy is a roadmap that outlines your organisation’s journey – it ensures that your business stands the best possible chance of achieving success.

Our strategists combine expertise and data driven insights to deliver communications and fundraising strategies that are unique to your organization.

We work closely with you to establish your key messages, ideal target audiences, desired outputs and tactics to create a strategy document which aligns to your overall objectives. We’ll also help you develop and implement the communications plan and measure your progress. 

Gaining a unique online identity for your business in this modern digital era is not easy. Unless you have a website, you are as good as invisible in this media-driven world.


Our professional web developers and website can help you develop user-friendly, unique, responsive websites to help you in achieving the highest positioning and results – the work that we do will attract more traffic to the website and drive sales.

Directella offers social media management services to maximize audience engagement across your social media networks.

We manage social media marketing to save you valuable time, freeing you up to focus on other areas of your business. 

We will design and implement a tailored social media strategy to help you attract more customers/clients, generate more website traffic, sell more products, outshine your competitors and build your brand presence.

Our services include;

  • ·         Social media strategy development
  • ·         Market Research
  • ·         Page set-up and optimization
  • ·         Content calendar creation including text and graphics
  • ·         Content publishing
  • ·         Building follower base
  • ·         Engaging with your community
  • ·         Customer service
  • ·         Social media audit
  • ·         Running ad campaigns
  • ·         Weekly reporting 

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